Grey Moon | Handcrafted Gold Ring with Labradorite Stone


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  • Details
    Amazed by the beauty of labradorite stones, this ring is created to show its natural 'moonlight' with hints of blue/green/light yellow colors. This ring can be worn on its own or stacked together with other pieces!

    • Currently shipping from Melbourne, Australia
    • Made to order, please allow 3-5 days to ship

    • 6*6mm labradorite stones with minor variations in stone sediments, making each piece more unique
    • 925 Sterling Silver
    • 14k Goldfilled over sterling silver

    Maker's Note
    All pieces are hand-crafted from raw material and their unique imperfections make them each one-of-a-kind. While alike, no two are identical, therefore please allow for some slight variations between each piece.

    Gold-filled is a quality alternative to solid gold. This treatment consists of the application of a strong solid gold layer on the base metal with heat and pressure. Gold-filled is much more valuable and durable than gold-plated; it does not flake, fade or change color. Anyone who can wear Gold can wear Gold-filled without any risk of allergy.