FREEDOM Figure Form Necklace


  • Details
    My original attempt to capture feminine mystique in full-bodied form. This piece means a lot to me personally and is dedicated to all the sisters, mothers and wives who enjoy being illuminated around the edges, while keeping an unspoken hint of mystery left between the lines.

    • 1.25 x 0.3-inch pendant & 18-inch chain
    • Currently shipping from Melbourne, Australia
    • Made to order, please allow 3-5 days to ship

    Material Options
    • 925 Pure Sterling Silver single chain
    • 14k Gold-filled single chain
    • 14k Gold-filled double chain

    Maker's Note
    All pieces are hand-crafted from raw material and their unique imperfections make them each one-of-a-kind. While alike, no two are identical, therefore please allow for some slight variations between each piece.

    Gold-filled is a quality alternative to solid gold. This treatment consists in the application of a strong solid gold layer on the base metal with heat and pressure. Gold-filled is much more valuable and durable than gold-plated; it does not flake, fade nor change color. Anyone who can wear Gold can wear Gold-filled without any risk of allergy.