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This is an ongoing collection about feeling and communicating with each other in a gentler way because we are all vulnerable beings. The pieces released in this collection mean to give you some solace in this chaotic yet magical world. 

Personal thoughts

I Know You Know (IKYK) is my first intimate collection that reflects how the digital age and global social movements influence my interpersonal communications.

It took almost a year for IKYK to be born. It was challenging to have a clear grasp on my emotions and to verbalize my feelings behind the collection. Living in such a dominantly fast-paced culture, what we say or do often gets misconstrued. Recent events have guided me to learn how to be clearer and more compassionate toward others on a deeper level. 

This body of work is about being vulnerable, letting your guard down, and trusting each other’s intentions. It is about relationships, mental health, and the need for a sense of belonging.

This is my alternate way of communication. This is I Know You Know.

Process & Material:

All pieces in this collection are handcrafted in jewelry wax and casted in precious metals, each hand polished for final wear. 

Material options: 925 sterling silver, 10k solid gold (14k and 18k yellow, white, and rose gold options are available upon request)

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