About Maze Handmade

Sunkissed jewelry

Maze is a handmade jewelry line by Canadian designer Grace Li, built upon an ethos of natural, authentic, and free-flowing beauty. We believe that each of our pieces is not simply jewelry, but rather a precious amulet imbued with the gentleness of the Sun---whether to embrace you with its warmth, uplift your spirit, or carry you through dark times.


Maze Handmade designer Grace Li making handmade solid gold jewelry  

Comprised of precious metals and semi-precious stones, every piece is painstakingly designed and handcrafted to bring out the best of the materials. Constantly drawing inspirations from the surrounding landscape, poetry, and nature, Maze has evolved from minimalist wire works to wax-cast talismans with more full-bodied beauty and lasting quality. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and meant to bestow its owner with a sense of self-love and confidence in your own irreplaceable individuality.